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The remains of the deceased was placed in a coffin and brought to the chapel of Malmö General Hospital, beautifully decorated with flowers. Ivar got a magnificent funeral. Sydsvenska Dagbladet Snällposten related the whole event in Malmö: 
« At 12.30 the deceased's father and brother, Navy officers led by Commander Count Posse, gathered at the hospital, as well as other high rank officers. In the chapel, Commander Posse expressed a last thanks to Lieutenant Sandström, and after that the coffin, covered with a blue/yellow cloth, was placed on the hearse.

Then the coffin was brough in solemn procession through Malmö to the railway station. The orchestra of the Crown Prince's Regiment played.

Two of Sandströms friends, Captain C.G. Krokstedt and Lieutenant S.A. Beckman, walked beside the hearse.

The deceased's father, Sea Captain Bernhard Sandström and his brother followed in a coach.

A great number of Navy and Army officers followed. At the station, the flag was lowered and « attention! » was ordered. 

The coffin was then carried to the station by Captain Kroksted and Lieutenant Beckman and six noncommissioned officers from the aviation department.

The county governor, count Robert de la Gardie, was present at the station and followed the coffin. The orchestra played Chopin's funeral march.

The coffin was conveyed by the train to Nynäsham on the east coast and then to Visby by the destroyer Hugin.




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